Car Insurance for a Week

Car Insurance for a Week

One week car insurance cover is a novelty offered by several companies in the UK. US drivers have some options as well.

In the UK, short term auto insurance is expensive: 1 week car insurance in the UK can range from £200 to £750 – more than some 1-year car insurance policies.

Car Insurance for a Week

To obtain this coverage, you need to be at least 21 (sometimes 24), have been licensed for at least 1 year, have less than 6 points, haven’t been disqualified in the past 5 years, and haven’t placed more than 1 claim in the past 3 years. Some insurance companies also want your vehicle to be worth more than £1500.

Some companies will not sell weekly car insurance policies if your automobile was imported or modified. Other carriers will insure most any vehicle with 1 weeks car insurance, even imports and mods, but charge mega £s for these with a short-term policy.

One week car insurance policies usually have restrictions for the vehicle’s use and maximum amount payable in case of a claim.

UK insurers are offering other temporary car insurance policies as well: from 1 day to 28 days (so, you can even get car insurance for a weekend). They also offer PAYG (Pay As You Go) monthly policies.

It’s easy to get car insurance for a week in the UK: find carriers online, fill in forms, get quotes, compare rates, pay, and get instant cover – the documentation is sent to your email immediately. You can add multiple cars/drivers to the same one policy.

Just be sure to shop around and get as many quotes as possible to get cheap temp cover. It’s best to shop directly, without brokers. If one quote is a lot cheaper, look into the coverage – maybe something is not included? Read the policy carefully before signing the contract.

An alternative to buying car insurance for 7 days would be to buy a 1-year policy and cease it in 7 days – it’s a penalized breach and you’ll have to pay money, but the penalty can be less than buying weekly car insurance.

Another alternative is to add a driver to someone else’s policy. The policyholder would just need to ring their insurer and ask them to add another person to their policy as a named driver for a specific time. This could also be less expensive than buying weekly auto insurance. However, if it’s an over 50’s policy and the new driver is a young person, it may not be possible to add them and obtain car insurance for a week under 21.

Finally, you can hire a car for a week.

Get Car Insurance for a Week in US

In the US, the only option seems to be to take a full annual policy and then cancel it. And again, the penalty can be less than if a given insurer agreed to sell you car insurance for a week. Just be sure to compare the costs and penalties. The alternative is to add a driver to someone else’s policy.

Why May 1 Week’s Car Insurance Be Needed?

  • For an additional driver
  • For an additional vehicle while the main one is being repaired
  • To drive a car/van away from a dealership/sale/auction instantly
  • To keep shopping for annual car insurance
  • To visit relatives/friends
  • To take a short vacation
  • To take a short business trip
  • To borrow someone’s car, such as a friend’s or relative’s
  • To lend your car to someone
  • For antique auto collectors