Advantages of Auto & Health Insurance

Advantages of Auto & Health Insurance

Health insurance is a way of ensuring, you have a comfortable life in spite of any setback in your health condition. Health insurance gives you that confidence to take risks as you know there is something to care of you, in your adverse situations. So let us get to understand why health insurance is advantageous.

Advantages of Auto & Health Insurance


Auto insurance there are various kinds of products which give you a cover on your health security. The selection of the options mainly depends on the individual. Every individual has a different choice and a different mindset. So any decision taken by the individual as regards his health purely is dependent on the kind of policy he wants to take at his convenience. Expenses on hospitalization are normally covered by all health insurance policies. Any expense related to illnesses or any injury is normally reimbursed by the insurance company.

Cashless benefit

Every person who falls sick is likely to face a lot of stress and a lot of problems. AT such times, mind fails to function and think rationally. The health insurance company at such times comes to the aid of the patient and his family by offering the facility of cashless benefit wherein the person wouldn’t have to pay any money only get himself registered and give the related documents. Prior to getting admitted, there is a nexus that the patient or his relative has to draw between the hospital authorities and the insurance agency. This would ensure that during his stay at the hospital he wouldn’t have to be disturbed with intermittent payments instead just has to focus on how to recover fast. Cashless benefit thus ensures that the health plan is covered such that the amount of health care costs is met following all the policy wordings and the related documents that have been submitted.

Contingency Arrangement

Health insurance is like the Plan B in your life. Everything in life is not planned. So while you are focusing on your Plan A, then Plan B is automated if you have a health insurance. So in the event of something happening to you suddenly, the health insurance ensures you are safe and secure. It protects you from the unwanted tension of unnecessary expenses and mounting costs which are a part of hospitalization and treatments. Health problems arise anytime so a health insurance would only solve this sudden event. Life is not predictable and a healthy mind and body gives a healthy life. Yet there are adversities and unnatural occurrences which jeopardize one so many times. So for such emergencies and health hazards, it is important to be insured. If you are under the impression, that a health insurance can be purchased after hospitalization then you are mistaken. For even if you do get admitted, in India, the rule is that the policy should be at least a couple of years old for it to get activated. So if you really are focused and want to secure your health make sure you do it at a young age so that you would have a substantial amount when you get older.

Professional Insurance and Personal Insurance

Health insuranceHealth benefits from professional insurance provided by the employer are many. But it is prudent to have a personal health insurance too. This is because the insurance at workplace might not totally cover your expenses. The company health insurance might not also cover permanent disability and death. So it is better to cover your health with a personal health insurance. So while taking a health insurance ensures that you also have plans for future and also focus on your personal requirements.

Attractive Benefits of Tax Reduction

Any health insurance policy comes with a tax reduction. So it is prudent to have a insurance policy and get your income tax reduced accordingly. Payment of premiums to the insurance company reduces tax.

Benefits of Good Health

A health insurance also brings about a continuous flow of maintaining good health. So lifestyle and regular habits are monitored thus giving the individual a continuous feedback of his health.

All this considered it becomes imperative that an individual has a health insurance policy.