Advantages Of A Car Loan

When purchasing a car, the question arises: paying cash, or borrowing? And is that best with the bank, or better with the car brand? We ask Guy Roosen, our specialist in this area. He will tell you exactly what you consider best.

Will I pay my car in cash, or can I borrow better? 

Guy Roosen: “Obviously, this depends on the situation, but in the current context we can generally recommend a car loan, even if you have enough money to pay in cash Why first save your savings You will be happy if suddenly unexpected costs crop up, secondly, the interest rates of our car loan are low, and finally, a car loan offers you more opportunities to purchase, which makes a slightly larger or better-equipped car so you can achieve a higher margin of negotiation with the car dealer. “

Which forms of car loan exist? 

Guy Roosen:  “The financing of a car by private individuals takes place either through an installment loan or through an installment – Beobank only offers the installment loan.up to 120% * of the purchase amount, without an advance payment. With the sale of the installment, you have to pay an advance payment of 15% in cash. “

Where will I take out my loan: at the car brand, or at the bank ?

Guy Roosen:  ” That choice depends, of course, on the bank for which you choose. But in the case of Beobank: at the bank, no doubt.

You get several advantages:

  • Competitive prices.


  • A personal, flexible solution. Longer duration? Pay yourself? Borrow a little extra to pay car insurance? Can do it all.


  • Pay comfortably: you decide the duration yourself, and therefore also the amount of your monthly payment, of course within the rules laid down by law.



  • Smooth request: online, or in one of our offices.


  • You receive the money on your account or through a bank check.


  • You do not have to change anything: it is not necessary to have a Beobank account for a Beobank car loan.


  • The same preferential rates for new motor vehicles, mobile homes, caravans or used cars less than two years old.


Did you know that car dealer themselves prefer a loan from the bank? That reassures them: they receive a check from you, and the delivery is complete. If you lend at the car brand, this is different for the dealer. So: emphasize that you take out a loan with the bank. Perhaps the dealer selling price a little lower, or he can offer an additional option … “

Which rate applies Beobank go?

Check out the latest rates Beobank here.

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* for financing omnium- and civil liability insurance, car registration tax, and the outstanding balance.

Loan on installment, subject to acceptance of your file and mutual agreement.

Pay attention, borrowing money also costs money.