8 tips for Choosing the right car insurance

8 tips for choosing the right car insurance

This way you are well insured on the road.

Looking for the best car insurance

How can you be sure that you choose the best car insurance? To avoid wrong choices, we give you 8 tips for choosing the car insurance that best suits you and your car.

You can choose the cheapest car insurance, but make sure you are well insured. For instance, if you have damage, you may receive a smaller amount than you thought. Or you have a deductible. Then you first have to pay an amount yourself in case of damage.

1. Insured against purchase value or daily value

See what you get reimbursed for your new or second-hand car: the purchase value or only the current value. The current value is the amount that the car was worth short of the damage. Do you want to buy an equivalent car for a total loss or theft? Then you can best ensure your car against the purchase value.

2. Age of the car

Pay attention to the age of your car when choosing the cover. A car insurance with WA + Full Casco (all-risk) for example has the most comprehensive coverage and is therefore especially suitable for newer cars. The coverage WA is the cheapest and especially suitable for older cars.

WA (legally required) WA + Limited Casco WA + Full Casco (Allrisk)
most suitable for cars older than 10 years most suitable for cars from 6 to 10 years old most suitable for cars younger than 6 years

3. Damage and own risk

You have a deductible with a number of insurers. The deductible is that part of the damage that is for your own account. If the damage can be recovered from the counterparty, the excess of the counterparty can also be recovered. If you are going to compare car insurance, make sure you have your own risk. Do you want to pay part of the damage yourself in case of damage?

4. Discount due to claim-free years

If you do not claim damages from your insurer, you build up damage free years. The higher the number of damage-free years, the higher the discount you get on the premium of your car insurance. If you do claim a claim, in most cases the discount on your premium will be reduced. You will then pay more premium. Sometimes you can ensure yourself of the loss of this no-claim discount.

5. Precious car accessories

A liability insurance does not cover car accessories in the event of theft. The cover WA + Limited Casco and WA + Fully Casco often compensate these up to a certain amount. Do you, for example, have an expensive sound system in your car? Then you can ensure an extra amount.

6. Passengers

Do you want to be sure that the entire damage to you and your passengers will be compensated in the event of an accident? The option for additional damage insurance for occupants. Then, for example, you are insured against medical costs, smart money and damage to luggage. Whoever is the culprit does not matter.

7. Driving abroad

Do you ever go abroad with your car? Then pay attention to the countries in which damage is paid to your car. Check also if you are insured for replacement transport.

8. Customer experiences in case of damage

The way your damage is handled is perhaps the most important part of a car insurance policy. That is the moment that matters. You should, therefore, include experiences with other customers in your consideration. This way you know what to expect.

The Interpolis Car Insurance

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Advantages of Interpolis Car Insurance:

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